5 Questions to Consider When Picking Your RTTVP

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A real-time transportation visibility platform (RTTVP) can help your company avoid supply chain disruptions, monitor cargo arrival times, and more. Global supply chains use RTTVPs to help improve their shipping processes, which consequently reduces risk and improves customer satisfaction.  

But how does an RTTVP support supply chains, and what does the “right” solution look like?  

In order to simplify the process of picking a real-time transportation visibility platform, here are some questions to consider:

5 Questions to Help You Pick Your Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platform

1. What Visibility Features does the RTTVP Offer? 

RTTVPs are true to their name in that they supply companies with real-time visibility solutions. These solutions allow you to keep an eye on your products in-transit, from origin to delivery. But not all platforms offer the same capabilities, and certain companies need more features than others.  

For example, pharmaceutical companies must be able to monitor their shipments’ temperature across the entire duration of transportation. This is also true of food and beverage companies, whose products are prone to spoilage. If an RTTVP cannot provide these insights, it doesn’t make sense for those businesses to work with them.  

Companies who oversee global shipments also have unique needs. RTTVPs must be able to monitor their different modes of transportation and provide insight into theft patterns in other countries. Cargo risks abound regardless of location or product type. For this reason, a company should consider working with a provider whose solution goes beyond just visibility.  

2. What does the Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platform Provide Beyond Visibility? 

Although visibility is key for supply chain operations, it’s rarely enough on its own. A good RTTVP will likely offer something more. Along with visibility, risk monitoring is a valuable feature of RTTVPs. This feature builds upon real-time visibility platforms to provide additional support against theft and loss.  

Some RTTVPs provide light alerts, which notify shippers of possible cargo tampering. Other platforms will warn against potentially dangerous routes or flag last mile delivery threats. In Overhaul’s case, we actively monitor all of these risks and more. We also engage with local law enforcement to aid in cargo recovery and offer insurance for worst-case scenarios.  

Not only is our insurance competitively priced, but it can also equal cost-savings down the line. 

3. Is the Investment Worth the Price? 

Peace of mind doesn’t have a price point, but company budgets can only extend so far. For this reason, it’s important to make sure that your RTTVP is affordable and worth the cost. This means assessing the size of your shipments and seeing which solutions best cover your needs. This isn’t the same as picking the cheapest solution out there, which will only lead to future problems.  

Affordability isn’t simply a matter of upfront expenses. It also relies on potential savings in the future, as well as loss reduction. This is why Overhaul works as a wholesale broker to negotiate reduced pricing for cargo insurance. It’s also why we constantly update our products and alert customers to new and emerging threat patterns.  

In short, a real-time transportation visibility platform should be devoted to offering the best customer experience possible. 

4. What is it Like Working with the Provider? 

If an RTTVP isn’t reliable, there isn’t much reason to work with them. It can be useful to choose a company that’s already established and has accolades or high reviews attached to its name. Additionally, a good supply chain visibility solution should be easy to use, allowing you to quickly share data across your team.  

Of course, there’s also the human element to consider when working with a provider. Does the company care about DEI and corporate responsibility? Are its employees knowledgeable and experienced? Is it making efforts to be more sustainable?  

Perhaps most importantly, do you foresee the provider developing alongside your company, or is this only a short-term solution? 

5. How Will the Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platform Support a Company’s Evolving Needs? 

While the above questions are all important when picking an RTTVP, they’re not the be-all-end-all of things to consider. Since every company is unique, it’s impossible to cover every single situation or need that may arise. For this reason, it’s important to know your company’s goals and understand how real-time transportation visibility platforms can help you reach them.  

Of course, your company can change in a myriad of ways. You might unleash new products or services, expand to new countries, or express interest in using artificial intelligence and machine learning. No matter the circumstances, a good RTTVP should enable your company to evolve, grow, and thrive.   

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