Overhaul Announces Intelligence as a Service to Enhance Supply Chain Visibility and Risk Insights

Solution draws from first-party data across 300+ customers, law enforcement, exclusive industry partnerships, open sources, and more to deliver world-class cargo security intelligence

AUSTIN, TexasJuly 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Overhaul, a software-based supply-chain visibility, risk, compliance, and insurance solution for the world’s leading brands, today announced the launch of its Intelligence as a Service offering. With three levels of actionable insights right down to an individual shipment in transit, Intelligence as a Service provides timely, accurate cargo security intelligence to protect cargo and stay ahead of threats.

Intelligence as a Service is the culmination of Overhaul’s law enforcement connections, global data sources, and team expertise. The product offers everything from weekly intelligence notes and bulletins to local crime risk assessments and law enforcement response.

“Overhaul’s data and connections run deep, and it just made sense to bring together our resources to better support our customers,” said Barry Conlon, CEO and Founder of Overhaul. “We’re a differentiator in the space, and no one else has this level of insight, both in terms of global reach and granularity. Intelligence as a Service is set to make it easier for our customers to identify and manage risk anywhere and at any time.”

“Intelligence as a Service is offering wider visibility into global patterns and pinpoint visibility into company-specific risks,” said Joe Ryan, Vice President of Intelligence and Response at Overhaul. “This makes it easier for companies to understand the risks involved in where they’re shipping, as well as how they’re shipping. They can then take actions to mitigate risks involving driver noncompliance, dangerous routes, or whatever else they may see.”

Overhaul’s intelligence isn’t only useful for handling risk; it can also keep customers compliant with government programs such as Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) and Authorised Economic Operator (AEO). Additionally, Overhaul’s data extends across the globe, providing real-time insights into countries such as Brazil and Mexico. As nearshoring continues to play a popular role in supply chain operations, this information will be especially valuable.

“Security is just the first part of our intelligence,” said Ronald Greene, Senior Vice President at Overhaul. “An understanding of threats and how to solve them leads to new opportunities. When you avoid delays, you have more time to spend on other business needs. When you prevent a theft, you prevent the costs associated with that theft, and that money can go toward its intended purpose. With Intelligence as a Service, we’re making business as usual the norm by highlighting abnormalities and how to solve them.”

Already, Overhaul has shared several of its Intelligence as a Service offerings with the public, including its Mexico and Brazil cargo theft reports. These reports were made possible by Overhaul’s recent acquisition of SensiGuard, which consequently made Overhaul the world’s largest in-transit supply chain cargo security provider.

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