Microsoft Supply Chain Platform partners with Overhaul

Picture of data points over blue overlay of shipment yard. The image symbolically shows how Overhaul is working with the Microsoft Supply Chain Platform to improve visibility.

Microsoft is steering the supply chain in exciting new directions, and Overhaul is proud to be part of that journey. Recently, we were selected as a launch partner for Microsoft’s new supply chain initiative. Together, our goal is to advance visibility, predictability, and resilience for multimodal supply chains across the globe.  

“Overhaul’s partnership with Microsoft provides the industry with simple, easy to deploy, yet transformative technology that equips a customer with the tools and capability to evolve how they currently manage their supply chain,” said Barry Conlon, CEO & Founder at Overhaul. “The timing and need is profoundly relevant; global supply chains continue to strain due to demand exceeding capacity, which is further complicated by customers’ evolving visibility needs shifting towards real-time to avoid disruption and delays. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is the ethos that has driven our partnership. Microsoft Supply Chain Platform is the culmination of that vision.” 

Here are a few key ways in which our partnership is empowering customers and helping the supply chain industry grow.  

Overhaul and Microsoft Azure  

Joining the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) has opened new doors and capabilities for Overhaul. The same is true for Microsoft. However, this is not the first time we’ve worked together, and we’ve already made impressive strides in increasing supply chain visibility.  

In 2022, the Overhaul supply chain SaaS visibility and risk management solution was made available across Microsoft Azure cloud services. This partnership enabled Microsoft to increase security and integrity throughout its supply chain.  

The hybrid, multi-cloud offering offers higher availability and improved customer choice. And by providing real-time alerts and data all in one place, businesses are able to proactively make more informed decisions.  

In short, our work with Microsoft Cloud has been a boon for Microsoft, Overhaul, and our customers. And as we venture into our latest partnership, it will only mean even greater opportunities.  

Microsoft Supply Chain Platform and Supply Chain Center  

Microsoft first entered the supply chain ecosystem via its Supply Chain Platform and Supply Chain Center. The Microsoft Supply Chain Platform is focused on enabling a connected supply chain, increasing visibility, and reducing risk. It also provides supply chains with enhanced security, sustainability, efficiency, and productivity.  

The Microsoft Supply Chain Center is devoted to supply chain resiliency. Seamlessly, it unifies data across supply chain systems within the Microsoft Dataverse. It then uses this data to provide visibility, generate insights, and predict and prepare for potential disruptions.  

The Microsoft Supply Chain Center will leverage Overhaul’s visibility solution alongside the Microsoft Azure platform. This combination will enable a simple authentication process for customers while providing access to Microsoft’s capabilities.  

“The best way to mitigate the possibility of a theft and the impact to customers is to be prepared with the right visibility and tools in place,” said Luiz Da Costa, Senior Director of Global Logistics at Microsoft. “The partnership with Overhaul has been a game changer in reducing and mitigating risk for Microsoft.” 

Microsoft Power Apps  

Overhaul is also joining forces with Microsoft Power Apps. Power Apps is a data platform that supports the building of custom apps. Through Power Apps, Overhaul can provide data analytics via a secure cloud environment.  

This plug and play solution simplifies reporting processes by removing the need for integration. Additionally, these data capabilities will help customers better understand and test their real-time supply chain risk scenarios.  

The need for increased supply chain visibility  

Over the last three years, supply chain operations experienced several changes and challenges that redefined the industry. Rather than use a just in case mindset, supply industry professionals had to make room for “just in case.” This shift allowed them to optimize inventory, reconfigure data management, and make the most of their supply and demand insights.  

However, change didn’t happen across the board, and some organizations fell behind. While others managed to stay afloat, they are now experiencing a supply chain world different from what they once knew.  

Some organizations claim that the crisis is now over and that supply chains are back to normal. In truth, normal is still being reassessed as supply chains face new and difficult problems. Adapting to these issues is by no means easy. But it is doable, just as it was at the start of the pandemic.  

COVID 19, while not the cause, helped to expose the fragility of the supply chain. It also created a greater interest in the benefits of technology, digitalization, and automation. It’s important that we apply the lessons learned from the COVID 19 pandemic in order to build a resilient supply chain. Chief among these lessons is the role visibility plays in protecting and securing supply chains.  

According to Forrester, 72% of companies are looking to leverage emerging technologies to develop strategies that enhance their supply chain visibility. Supply chain professionals are shifting their focus from cheap, manual processes to optimization and efficiency. In this way, supply chains are not simply preparing for the worst or attempting to recover. Rather, they’re building themselves up, looking ahead, and becoming more resilient.  

Overhaul and Microsoft: supply chain visibility  

COVID-19 cemented the need for increased supply chain visibility. Industry gains and growth have shown that this new technology wasn’t just necessary to survive, but also an enabler of change. Now, new threats and hurdles are facing the industry. But Overhaul is prepared to help our customers weather whatever comes next.  

As geopolitical issues continue to plague the supply chain, Microsoft and Overhaul are ready to offer support. Visibility can no longer be an afterthought. Instead, it must take centerstage and be a leading component of supply chain processes.  

Together, Microsoft and Overhaul will be able to build deeper connections with our customers. We’ll provide them with the data they need to make effective decisions and develop their businesses. We’ll ensure their data is protected in a secure environment and that they experience streamlined IoT connectivity.  

Due to the pandemic, many supply chains adopted a “whatever it takes” mentality. Now, we’re shifting focus to efficiency, optimization, and future planning. Through our partnership with Microsoft, our customers’ day-to-day supply chain operations will be easier to manage. More than that, they’ll have the insight they need to adapt, grow, and take their supply chains to the next level.  

Next steps for Overhaul and the Microsoft Supply Chain Platform  

Overhaul’s partnership with Microsoft is part of something greater. Rather than simply participating in the supply chain ecosystem, we are now actively playing a role in its development and evolution.  

Many in the industry fear that digital solutions are too good to be true. In truth, the best solutions are still ahead of us. Over time, these products will become even more agile, cheaper, and overall more useful to our customers.  

Our role in supporting the Microsoft Power Platform is only the beginning. We’re constantly looking for new ways to grow our business and additional ways to support our customers 

There’s so much in store for the industry, and we can’t wait to see where it’s headed next. If you’d like to learn more about how Overhaul is growing and expanding, click here.   

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