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Learn how Overhaul’s device agnostic, consultative approach is driving supply chain safety and fitting companies with the best IoT devices for their supply chains.

Image of a truck from an overhead view. A pop box shows that a tracking device is monitoring the vehicle for temperature, location, and ETA.

Supply chains are essential for safely transporting goods and products where they need to go. Along the way, shipments face loss, theft, temperature fluctuations, and other threats. Tracking devices help companies prevent these risks by delivering the information they need, when they need it. However, different companies require different devices in order to gain the visibility and functionalities that best support their goals. 

Overhaul’s device agnostic approach, coupled with our lengthy review process and deep industry knowledge, helps you find and employ the best devices for your business. In this white paper, we break down what makes a solution device agnostic and how Overhaul works with you to procure and manage your IoT devices.

We hope this white paper helps you better understand the importance of supply chain visibility, how to best choose and utilize your IoT devices, and how Overhaul’s SaaS solution helps you create more secure supply chains.

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