Solutions for logistics and transportation providers

Overhaul provides competitive advantage by accelerating innovation, visibility, and security for your customers’ products. By connecting all of your shipments and providers into one unified view, you stay one step ahead. 

What can we do for you?

Your promise is ours. We enable your company to deliver on its promises by delivering quick time to value and low touch for your IT department so you can focus on what matters: providing logistics innovation. We’ll help you increase retention, exceed expectations, and stay best-in-class. 

Digitalization and cost reduction

Your processes will be streamlined and optimized with our easy-to-use platforms and applications for warehouse operations. By reducing outdated legacy solutions, you’ll benefit your bottom line. 

Data-driven insights

Overhaul provides metrics to support business review and demonstrate ROI. From in-transit inventory to up and downstream visibility, we provide real-time risk management that will mitigate supply chain disruptions.

Supply chain security

Overhaul provides an instant law enforcement connection for quick theft recovery, plus freight risk alerts for red zones, rest areas, local unrest, and double-brokering activities.  

Rapid set up

Our average time to value is 14 days. With a single unified view, your operations team gains visibility and risk management all in one. Whether you’re a motor carrier, broker, 3PL, 4PL, or multi-modal logistics company, Overhaul’s solutions adapt to fit your specific needs. 

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We’re proud to have long-standing and successful partnerships with companies across healthcare and life sciences, consumer electronics and technology, logistics and transportation, manufacturing, retail and consumer goods, and food and beverage.

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