Electronics OTR Pilferage, 4 arrested, and Recovery

Trucks involved in EMEA supply chain take to the road at night.

Yesterday, Overhaul enabled the arrest of four suspects and the recovery of cargo from an OTR pilferage performed in Arizona. On the morning of Tuesday, July 16, the Overhaul LE Connect team initiated a response on a shipment of next generation consumer electronics that was pilfered from a truck stop in Winslow, AZ after departing from the greater LA Basin.

Rail Pilferage 2 Arrested Recovery Arizona

Yesterday, Overhaul enabled the arrest of two suspects and the recovery of cargo from a rail pilferage performed in Arizona.
Early morning on Thursday, June 27, the Overhaul GSOC alerted that a shipment of athletic footwear was being pilfered from its container on rail west of Flagstaff, AZ.

Holiday Awareness Independence Day

As we approach Independence Day on July 4th, it’s important for shippers across the United States to plan ahead for limited holiday hours over the long weekend. With the holiday falling on a Thursday this year, many locations may also be closed on Friday the 5th, so it’s crucial to confirm holiday hours of operation for all receiving facilities before allowing loads to depart.

Electronics Fraudulent Theft Helicopter Recovery CA

Last week, Overhaul executed the recovery of $1.5 million in stolen electronics cargo in Southern California. The shipment was fraudulently stolen after a carrier’s network was hacked, and their identity stolen. The criminal actors in this theft hacked the carrier’s email server and brokered the load without the actual carrier’s knowledge.

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