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In today’s world, you can’t afford to have any outside force compromise the integrity of your shipments. This is why Altria and Overhaul have partnered to go beyond assurances and discover where visibility meets risk management in your supply chain.

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Redefining Your Supply Chain

Cargo safety is a journey, and it requires constant risk monitoring and intervention. Overhaul provides proactive security, compliance support, and real-time alerts to enable corrective responses. We have your back, every hour of every day, in every place and situation. 

Overhaul is the industry’s crime and theft specialist. We’ve helped law enforcement take down cargo theft rings, and we actively work with customers to prevent straight and strategic theft. From tobacco products to electronics, cargo thieves are biding their time at truck stops and distribution centers, ready to strike. Overhaul is the cargo security solution against cargo theft, enabling streamlined insights and secure transport.  

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Full Truckload Theft Recovery

Learn how Overhaul’s LE Connect team located a trailer 40 in less than 40 minutes after it was stolen from a truck stop in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Track every shipment. View all assets. Mitigate risk.

Overhaul simplifies the dynamic nature of the supply chain system, helping to recognize when and how to take corrective action.

Global Customer Won High Value, Tobacco Shipments

This client needed a technology partner to scale their service offering into tobacco shipments to win and keep high-value freight.

Faster, Better Real-Time Transportation Visibility

Drive on-time performance, reduce your logistics costs, and use data to get the most from your transportation partners.

The results speak for themselves:​

Recovery Rate
40 %
Increase In-Transit Compliance
20 %
Recovery Value
0 M
Reduced Theft Attempts
30 %

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