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Schneider Brokerage Division Now Offers Load Tracking and 24/7 Active Monitoring

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin– April 21, 2020 – Schneider (NYSE: SNDR), a premier provider of trucking, intermodal and logistics services, is now delivering greater freight visibility options and advanced security within the freight brokerage segment. The company’s brokerage division, Schneider Transportation Management, is collaborating with Overhaul to allow shippers to contain risk and minimize disruptions in their supply chains.

Overhaul is a real-time supply chain visibility and integrity solution. The company’s solution works to aggregate data from multiple streams and devices to provide insights and proactive supply chain command.

“The combined expertise of Schneider and Overhaul allows shippers to actively manage events ahead of them becoming an issue,” said Erin Van Zeeland, senior vice president and general manager of logistics at Schneider. “This new, integrated solution gives Schneider’s customers more visibility into and control over their freight by harnessing the tracking and monitoring capabilities we are now able to deliver.”

With 24/7 active monitoring, Schneider customers will receive an alert if tracking data identifies a potential disruption, enabling them to quickly take action. Proactively identifying potential issues provides shippers a decisive edge and a real opportunity to save costs and improve overall efficiency.

“Schneider and Overhaul both know the efficiencies gained by helping shippers head off problems at the pass,” said Barry Conlon, chief executive officer of Overhaul. “Together we’re making it easy for shippers to take critical actions at every turn and create greater cost optimization by containing risk and minimizing supply chain disruption.”

Auditor feedback praised Schneider’s extensive driver training program that emphasizes the importance of safe handling procedures. Schneider’s program requires adherence to standard policies and a careful process to select trainers and curriculum that create a thorough training experience.

With $5 billion annual revenue, Schneider has been delivering superior customer experiences and safely getting it done for over 80 years.

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