Overhaul y Arvato Supply Chain Solutions se asocian.


AUSTIN, TexasMarch 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Overhaul, a software-based, supply-chain visibility, risk, compliance, and insurance solution for the world’s leading brands, has announced a partnership with Arvato Supply Chain Solutions, an international provider of supply chain management and e-commerce solutions, to enhance the protection of its customers’ cargo. Overhaul’s proactive approach and supply chain expertise is helping Arvato ship high-value products without fearing potential losses.

Since the partnership began in spring 2022, Overhaul’s added security capabilities have given Arvato customers within high-tech, consumer packaged goods, and healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, the peace of mind to ship their high-value cargo while avoiding any losses. Early in the engagement, Overhaul successfully recovered a full truckload of high-value electronics, proving its value as a partner right from the beginning.

“During a time when the supply chain is seeing a sudden jump in cargo thefts, the power of prevention is crucial. We are proud that our technology has been so effective in doing just that and withstanding this wave of crime,” said David Warrick, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Division at Overhaul. “Our continued success with Arvato is a testament to our technology, insight, and deep commitment to providing best-in-class visibility and security solutions to give Arvato’s customers a higher level of confidence in shipping high-value or sensitive cargo.”

“At Arvato, we are dedicated to delivering some of the highest quality products on the market, and with Overhaul, we can now offer our customers a comprehensive risk management solution that matches the quality of the brands we work with daily,” said Frank Schirrmeister, CEO of Arvato Supply Chain Solutions. “This standard is something our customers have quickly come to rely on, and it’s thanks to how efficient and proactive the Overhaul team has been in our emerging partnership.”

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