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George Wheeler, Security Expert, Joins Overhaul as Fusion Hub Director

Recently Overhaul welcomed George Wheeler to the company where he now serves as Fusion Hub Director. George, a seasoned security expert, is now responsible for the development, continuous improvement, and delivery of customer service, as […]

Overhaul Joins TXTA as an Affinity Partner to Protect Professional Drivers and Freight with TruckShield

AUSTIN, Texas, September 2nd, 2020 — Overhaul, an intelligence driven, real-time supply chain visibility and risk management technology provider, announced today its Affinity Partnership with Texas Trucking Association (TXTA). Overhaul’s software platform offers real-time visibility […]

Overhaul Welcomes Retired Special Agent in Charge, John Cannon, as LE Connect Liaison

Overhaul’s global LE Connect (Law Enforcement Connection) network is a patent-pending method of freight theft recovery. LE Connect works by connecting and sharing pertinent information on stolen freight with the nearest law enforcement official or […]

Overhaul Hires Former Insurance Executive, Lloyd J. “Pat” Stoik, as Chief Risk Officer

AUSTIN, Texas, July 14, 2020 — Overhaul, an intelligent, real-time supply chain visibility and risk management technology provider, announced today the addition of former Senior Vice President of Great American Insurance Group, Lloyd J. “Pat” […]

LoJack México and Overhaul Partner to Help Safeguard the Supply Chain Throughout Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico; IRVINE, CA; AUSTIN, TX – June 18, 2020 – CalAmp (Nasdaq: CAMP), a technology solutions pioneer transforming the mobile connected economy, today announced its subsidiary, LoJack México, the market leader in stolen vehicle recovery […]

New Contextual Data Overlay for Protests in the U.S.

Update: As of Monday, July 29, 2020, protest data has been removed from our platform, as protests are no longer causing supply chain disruptions. As supply chains continue to experience strain from disruptions, we’re committed […]

SCHNEIDER COLLABORATES WITH OVERHAUL TO INCREASE FREIGHT VISIBILITY & SECURITY Schneider Brokerage Division Now Offers Load Tracking and 24/7 Active Monitoring GREEN BAY, Wisconsin– April 21, 2020 – Schneider (NYSE: SNDR), a premier provider of trucking, […]


Let Overhaul provide you with the latest information affecting the throughput of cargo during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will strive to keep you updated on all further developments. MONDAY, 4/06/20 United States: Supply chain operations […]

Overhaul Aids in Last Mile Pharmaceutical Theft and Recovery

Location: Detroit, Michigan At approximately 11:00 am EST on March 10, 2020, a last-mile delivery van was stolen while the driver was making a delivery at a pharmacy in Detroit, MI. The perpetrator was able […]


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