How to keep your cargo secure at the 2024 Paris Olympics 

Man running in the Olympics.

The Olympics is a time when nations come together in camaraderie and friendly competition. As athletes set their eyes on the gold, Overhaul maintains a watchful eye over potential risks.  

Paris’ influx of participants and sports enthusiasts will mean more cargo traffic and thieves. Political and environmental factors could also pose challenges for drivers and their shipments. 

To help you prepare, Overhaul has compiled the following list of potential risks. Although we hope that none of these threats come to fruition, it’s important that your company remains alert, creates contingency plans, and utilizes risk monitoring solutions to prevent loss. 

The 2024 Paris Olympics: security risks and challenges 

Road congestion 

Starting this year on July 26, the Olympic games are set to draw in billions of viewers. Millions of these spectators, alongside thousands of athletes, will attend in person. Although Paris is attempting to prepare for this surge in visitors, companies must still ready themselves against heavy traffic. 

More vehicles on the road might necessitate new routes. It may also mean accidents, which could lead to delays or damaged goods. Along with these disruptions, congested roads can also cause cargo to sit idly for long periods of time. Idle cargo is cargo at risk, and we can expect an influx of theft attempts throughout the city.  

Heatwaves and heavy rain 

Summers in Paris are hot, and they often consist of unexpected weather conditions. These can include heatwaves and storms, both of which will impact cargo transport. 

In the case of heatwaves, companies must ensure that their temperature-sensitive products aren’t adversely affected. They must also be prepared for additional delays due to storms. These delays will feed into the aforementioned traffic congestion, creating even more opportunities for cargo thieves.  

Ransomware and phishing 

During the Olympics, drivers will likely be in constant communication with shipping companies. The expected delays and rerouting will require careful coordination. This increase in emails and phone calls will likely come with an increase in cybersecurity threats as well.  

Hackers might try to intercept communications in order to identify and hijack cargo routes or delivery schedules. They could also attempt to impersonate a driver or shipping company in order to steal a shipment. In both cases, the excitement of the games and the need to stay on schedule will work to the thieves’ advantage. These circumstances create an ideal environment for hasty decision-making and noncompliance. 

Protests, violence, and terrorism threats 

Over the years, the Olympics have faced several security challenges. Terrorist attacks have ended in tragedy, and today, terrorist threats continue. For example, an Algerian man with connections to the Islamic state was recently arrested for possessing explosive substances 

Of course, if one of these threats were to materialize, it would have serious safety implications for athletes and spectators. It could also adversely impact supply chains by further disrupting logistics operations. For example, flights could be cancelled or certain routes might be blocked.  

There will likely be several protests at the games as well due to the current political climate. Unfortunately, even the most well-intentioned protests could lead to an uptick in violence or road closures. This will only worsen the traffic issues, which in turn will heighten security risks. 

Already, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin and President Emmanuel Macron have enlisted 35,000 police officers to help handle security threats during the Olympic events. However, these forces will potentially be outmatched by the sheer size of the crowd. Additionally, although the French government is investing in security services to mitigate these risks, it remains the responsibility of shippers to take all threats seriously in order to protect their drivers and shipments. 

How to prepare your supply chain and prioritize security at the Paris Olympics  

Preparing your supply chain for the Paris 2024 Olympics requires working with a provider who understands the evolving risks and how to address them. Fortunately, when it comes to cargo security and compliance, Overhaul takes gold.  

Our time and temperature solutions ensure product quality during the heat while our visibility solutions enable you to monitor your cargo 24/7. This makes it easy to spot thefts, stay on schedule, and more generally protect your cargo.  

Our intelligence services will also help you identify potential risks before they become a problem. Via AI and advanced analytics, we’re able to provide alerts that allow you to quickly intervene. Additionally, our carrier due diligence makes it harder for thieves to infiltrate your supply chain. Combined, these capabilities ensure the highest level of preparedness and smooth deliveries.  

To learn more about anticipated threats at the Olympics, take a look at our latest infographic. And for help with your security plans in France and the wider EMEA region, reach out to us today.

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