Top Four Ways Overhaul Can Help Owner Operators Grow Their Business

October 06, 2016 | 0 Go Back to Blogs

The importance of Owner-Operators and drivers to America’s economy should not go unnoticed. After all, you fuel it! 70% of all freight moved throughout the U.S. is on trucks and yet somehow the driving community are left feeling undervalued and undercut.

Having direct access to the right shipment opportunities to avoid empty miles and business tools to secure contracts and receive fast payment can be challenging, which can make managing your business on-the-go even more daunting. Overhaul has a system in place to help grow your business and start earning more. You don’t need to work harder, we give you the tools you need to work smarter and more efficiently leaving you to focus on safe driving. This industry needs a change and Overhaul is your advocate to ignite the shift.

Increase Your Bottom LineIncrease Your Bottom-line

We’re bringing in a better class of buyer to the online space. Premium shippers with high-value cargo typically don’t manage their shipments online and are often hard for Independent Owner Operators and small fleets to connect with. Overhaul’s changing these relationships by giving you direct access to premium loads at a higher rate per mile, increasing your take-home pay.

Improve Your Cash FlowImprove Your Cashflow  

Currently, you could be waiting up to 45 days post-delivery to receive your payment, putting your cash flow at risk. The days of waiting are over. We’ve developed two critical security milestones during the haul that offer a payment of 20% of your contract upon successful completion of each milestone. You will then receive the remaining payment between seven to twelve days post-delivery. Our goal is to eliminate your need for factoring by improving your cash flow.

Avoid Empty MilesAvoid Empty Miles

We want to make sure you’re never driving empty miles – avoiding that dreaded deadhead! You now have easy access to tools which will help you manage your business more efficiently. With our membership, you will have access to a loadboard that will remove the guess work out of making business decisions around which loads to bid on.

Reduce Costs at the PumpReduce Cost at the Pump

With fuel costs rising, it can sometimes be tough to load up on fuel to get going on a haul. With tour fuel card, you’ll be able to save money at the pump. Be on the lookout. Our fuel card is coming in the near future!

It’s time to work smarter, not harder. You deserve more and that’s just what we intend to do – give back to you and increase your bottom line by up to 30%! Take the first step to better your future by becoming a member today.

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