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In-transit and at rest, your cargo is at risk.
Can you risk it?

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Prevent risk. Gain control.

What happens when there's millions or even billions of potential loss on the line?

Disruptions of any kind within your supply chain can be scary. One of the significant challenges facing the global supply chain is theft.

Join Overhaul as we discuss the increasing rise of global risk, red zones, top targets, blind spots within your data, and real cargo theft and recovery stories. 

*Webinar recording coming soon.

What you will learn

  • Industry pulse on cargo theft trends and criminal activity. Which modes, areas, and types of products are most at risk.
  • How to put preventative measures in place to mitigate and reduce product loss and gain competitive advantage within the logistics market.
  • Case studies – hear first-hand about real theft occurrences and over $100M in cargo theft prevented.

Our impact


The average response time for all theft related alerts. We don’t respond in hours, we respond in minutes.


Projected shipments tracked and protected in 2022.


Our recovery rate for FTL cargo theft.