Visibility down to the SKU

Our leading-edge technology not only provides big-picture transportation visibility: we can zoom in and provide real-time insights into ETA down to purchase order or SKU level. Go beyond typical visibility programs with inventory management and planning.

From a bird’s eye view to granular visibility

Track inventory in transit and gain knowledge into its condition and level of compliance. Know in real-time if a particular product is impacted by temperature sensitivity, shock, or damage so you can remove it from your network.

Inventory management

Maintaining continuity of supply, avoiding downtime on your production lines, and managing global distribution requires real-time inbound and outbound visibility. Inventory management and transparency into audit trails of product, or part, flow is captured and securely stored in our multi-cloud platform.

PO & SKU visibility

Purchase order and SKU level visibility provide Data-driven insights to help you make intelligent decisions and reduce excess inventory. Enhancing inventory management and customer service, products are searchable by multiple identification numbers, including Shipment Number, Purchase Order Number or SKU. With information easy to find, customer service can proactively manage expectations with dynamic ETAs and support continuity of supply with real-time information

Product condition visibility

Go beyond location tracking and gain insights into your products’ integrity to meet all quality & regulatory standards. Visibility at Overhaul is multifaceted, providing accurate ETAs to support continuity of supply and data-driven insights down to the product's condition, whether temperature or sensitivity to tilt or shock. Having real-time control and notifications of your precious cargo allows your team to take action to reduce downstream impact. 

At-a-glance analytics

Ensure your supply chain runs efficiently & effectively with easy to use dashboards that help you quickly find the information that matters most. Gain peace of mind with visibility into your entire supply chain, including last-mile deliveries.

What our customers say

We’re proud to have long-standing and successful partnerships with companies across healthcare and life sciences, consumer electronics and technology, logistics and transportation, manufacturing, retail and consumer goods, and food and beverage.