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Asset Manager

You can only control the assets you can see –and that means they can go underutilized or even completely unused if you’re not getting up to the minute intel. Without visibility, you leave profit on the table. Overhaul’s Asset Manager offers you next-generation control of all your assets, putting you back in the driver’s seat of your workflow.

Visibility is the springboard to building smarter schedules through improved utilization and fleet balancing. When you know where your assets are, up-to-the-minute, you can make sure you have the right asset at the right place at the right time. The benefits: increased productivity for your team, improved asset utilization by up to
5% and improvements to your bottom line.

Asset Manager’s next-generation features means you gain remote control over assets with Thermo King integrations. Switch on reefer units from a single dashboard within Asset Manager and get temperature data down to the zone-level for streamlined asset prep and on-demand quality control, cutting down on the potential for cargo spoilage.


Why Asset Manager

Why Asset Manager

Asset Manager provides real-time alerts and visibility, including important details about what distribution center it belongs to or whether it’s out for leasing, so you can see your asset’s location for in-the-moment reporting and distribution. Geo-fencing provides alerts on arrival and departure, so you know when the asset you’re waiting for is ready for its next deployment. No need to pick up the phone or venture out into the yard. Everything you need to know is in Asset Manager.

Managing Your Fleet

When the fleet manager arrives, they start their day with reporting. These reports
share information about activities or concerns, communicate issues with a division or customer, provide an overview of the last shift’s activities, and ensure the incoming fleet manager has the info they need to get started for their own shift. Using these reports, the fleet manager then begins answer the first and most important question for
their day:

• Where are my trucks?
• Are they moving?
• Is my schedule still accurate?
• Will we make appointments?

Visibility is the key to answering these questions, and very often they need to send emails and make phone calls to even begin. Asset Manager helps them answer those questions with our single, unified view.

Why Asset Manager for Visibility? Most (64%) fleet managers benefit from the use of GPS technologies for visualizing their assets on the road. However, GPS information is often limited in its views and use cases. You can filter by asset and see where it is, but those filters may be extremely limited and not useful for fleet manager’s other goals, like utilization.

Recent Customer Study

A driver working for a leading national distributor returned to their distribution center to park their asset. Upon arrival, there was no available space in the yard to leave the trailer. So, they exited the yard and parked the asset on the side of the road next to the DC (but not in the DC). The trailer then sat there for months –no one noticed that this $100k asset had gone missing much less wasn’t being used. GPS wouldn’t be sensitive enough to tell the fleet manager that the asset was just outside the DC, which is why our geofencing, notifications, and filter views are so important. GPS alone isn’t sensitive enough for fleet managers to find assets, particularly if they have hundreds or thousands to track.  But with Asset Manager, they could see that the asset was sitting outside the geofence through the single, unified view the software offers.

Proactively managing your fleet could increase asset utilization as much as 5%

Increased productivity

Decrease time spent manually searching for assets 

Improved data management

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