Overhaul Launches App Tools to Provide Real-time Guidance and Feedback Loop to Drivers

July 10, 2017 | 0 Go Back to Blogs

Austin, Texas – July 10, 2017 – Austin-based, tech startup Overhaul announces the release of a fully customizable visibility and risk management solution designed for carriers, brokers, 3PLs and shippers.

Overhaul began as an online marketplace for high value shippers to locate and book exceptional drivers. The company has since evolved it’s offering to deliver next-generation security, safety and operational efficiency tools to a broader base with particular interest stemming from key players in the brokerage & 3PL community.

“Our core mission to create transparency and trust between shippers and professional transportation service providers has not changed” said Overhaul CEO, Barry Conlon. “Simply put, we have created a smarter way to collect shipment data and engage drivers as the most important resource to ensure safe and timely delivery of cargo. Rather than matchmaking the freight transaction in the marketplace model, we are giving our customers a platform to monitor shipments and gain access to the cab, ensuring clarity and compliance around a unique set of risk circumstance can be met.”

The platform provides customers a method to not only gain visibility in to the status, current location and ETAs of shipments, but assist in correction of non-compliance through communication and concise direction to the driver with a two-way connection capability via a mobile app. The system delivers predictive analytics and exception management algorithms that can significantly reduce the frequency and size of loss-creating events. Conlon adds “Overhaul is built to fit the needs of high value shippers with a specific set of security requirements, while opening the doors to brokerages and 3PLs to compete for premium business.”

About Overhaul

Launched in 2016, Austin-based Overhaul’s technology provides premium shippers unique visibility and full confidence their cargo is in reliable hands, while giving brokerage and 3PLs the right tools to guarantee safe, on-time delivery and grow their business. Find out how Overhaul is building trust, ensuring premium load safety, driving costs down and removing roadblocks from within the transportation industry at www.over-haul.com.

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