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Overhaul Welcomes Retired Special Agent in Charge, John Cannon, as LE Connect Liaison

Overhaul’s global LE Connect (Law Enforcement Connection) network is a patent-pending method of freight theft recovery. LE Connect works by connecting and sharing pertinent information on stolen freight with the nearest law enforcement official or cargo theft task force to aid in real-time active recovery, further managing supply chain risk for Overhaul’s customers.

In order to continue expanding the network, Overhaul is excited to welcome John Cannon, retired Special Agent in Charge, as the LE Connect Liaison. Cannon brings over 40 years of law enforcement experience to the team, having served in several different positions with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

“John brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and relationships to Overhaul. His years fighting cargo theft on the frontlines bring additional horsepower to the team, and the LE Connect solutions,” says Ron Greene, Overhaul’s Vice President of Business Development.

John has been involved in cargo theft investigations for years and will be actively continuing to grow Overhaul’s law enforcement network, to bring greater peace of mind and recovery aid to customers. In 2008, John began developing and managing the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s (GBI) Major Theft Unit (MTU), responsible for cargo theft investigations in the state.

In addition to his time at the Major Theft Unit, Cannon served during the Democratic National Convention, the Olympic Games in Atlanta, the G-8 Summit at Sea Island, and as a member of the GBI Special Response Team, in addition to the state’s Special Weapons and Tactics Team. He’s received numerous distinctions, including being the two-time recipient of the GBI Directors Award for investigative excellence, the GBI Meritorious Service Award, and the Medal of Valor from the International Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association.

John was also a Senior Instructor at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center, where he specialized in topics such as drug investigations and cargo theft. 

Further expansion of the LE Connect network will require building relationships with law enforcement agencies across the world, by enabling them to close investigations quickly through real-time recovery assistance via Overhaul’s platform.

“I’m excited about joining Overhaul and look forward to working with this talented group of individuals. I feel that my years of experience investigating cargo crimes and the relationships that I have developed with both law enforcement and the transportation industry will be an asset to the team,” says Cannon.

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