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Newly Added Overlay Provides Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility Around Brexit-Related Delays

The year 2020 has been a challenging one, and it’s not quite over yet. In between wildfires, a pandemic, economic and political turmoil, and more, the difficulties keep on coming.

It seems that everyone has been affected by the disruptions of this year in some way, and the logistics industry trying to keep up with unprecedented demands has experienced a colossal amount of uncertainty. How will reduced capacities, delays, cancellations, and more affect their business?

The unknowns and constant shifts have made it difficult to understand what’s going on in their supply chain. Overhaul has supported shippers and logistics providers with real-time visibility and risk management for their supply chains to maintain business continuity. Earlier this year, airport delays, border crossings, and even instances of civil unrest were added to the Overhaul Sentinel platform to offer greater insights for customers.

As Brexit unfurls, ports around the UK are congested, and the effects are far-reaching into Europe. Delays are already significantly disrupting businesses, with companies such as Ikea struggling to meet demand. Consumers who are frustrated with all of the delays the events of this year have already caused have grown exceedingly weary.

With Prime Minister Boris Johnson advising supermarkets to stockpile food and other essential goods, customers are advised not to panic buy. However, with the shortages experienced on essential items due to the COVID-19 pandemic despite guidance to not stockpile, consumers are unlikely to listen. Unfortunately, this will likely exacerbate current shortages and cause a ripple effect across already strained supply chains.

To continue further supporting global shippers and logistics companies, the newest Overhaul Sentinel platform
overlay is focused around Brexit-related delays. With shippers and logistics providers having current information on delays, the unknowns around arrival times are alleviated. With this real-time visibility, companies are empowered to make decisions that enable proactive planning and management, affecting customer satisfaction. In addition, the intelligence-driven risk management of the Overhaul Sentinel platform protects shipments that are at greater risk due to remaining stationary for extended periods and the added threat that occurs during the holiday season, as freight can be digitally locked in place. In the event of theft, an instant alert is triggered, offering more than visibility, but truly proactive security.

With the effects of this year’s events stretching into the upcoming months, Overhaul is honored to help support supply chains by constantly innovating and updating the platform to offer greater insights, real-time situational context, and enhanced risk management for shippers and logistics providers.

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