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Real-time Temperature Monitoring and Correction

Recently, Overhaul launched Sentinel, an AI solution that allows customers to bring together available monitoring and management technologies like GPS, temperature controls, fleet telematics and more into a single unified view, connecting disparate systems and providing real-time operational and risk intelligence like never before. In the latest addition to Overhaul’s line of risk management solutions, customers now have the ability to not only connect with sensor devices equipped to monitor temperature but cross reference with temperature data reported from a reefer. What this means to shippers is significant – spikes in temperature or a freezing event is picked up, cross-checked, validated, and can be corrected in-real time to avoid loss of product or spoilage.

The Cost of Spoilage

“In the US, 72 million pounds or the equivalent to $218 Billion* worth of food, is spoiled and thrown out prior to reaching the home each year. For every theft, there are nine truckloads lost to spoilage so it’s an area of key focus” says Barry Conlon, Overhaul CEO. He continues, “finding a fast and effective method to detect temperature anomalies prevent spoilage was of critical importance to our customers and the industry as a whole and a natural enhancement to the Sentinel solution.” Real-time visibility to temperature data allows Overhaul’s system to step in and take corrective action through a series of automated workflow triggers, which can involve the driver or make adjustments directly via communication with the reefer.

Low Cost, High Reward

Recent integrations with state-of-the-art NIST-certified sensor devices (of which also offer location, shock and light monitoring), creates opportunity for Overhaul customers to access critical and meaningful data and ensure appropriate response to anomalies or potential issues through Sentinel, all for as low as $8 per shipment (includes hardware & network connectivity for select devices integrated with Overhaul)**. The advantage of a software management solution is that it can empower and improve the availability of various hardware technologies and validate systems you already have in place today without investing additional dollars. Consider also how reducing in-transit spoilage rates will have a positive impact downstream; empty shelves cost retailers like Walmart millions of dollars in sales, hence Walmart’s decision to put tighter restrictions and penalties in place for late deliveries. “We are pleased to bring shippers lower cost solutions, while creating more efficient and innovative ways to address a change in temperature that could lead to loss of product,” remarks Conlon.

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Why pay more for temperature-sensing devices when they are already available in your transportation infrastructure? To learn more about low-cost, high quality devices Overhaul has integrated with or to request a demo, CONTACT US TODAY.


* Source: National Institute of Standards and Technology (https://www.nist.gov/ )
** Assumes device used for multiple shipments per month with a two-year lease agreement on devices equipped to monitor temperature, shock, light and location.

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