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Overhaul Joins TXTA as an Affinity Partner to Protect Professional Drivers and Freight with TruckShield

AUSTIN, Texas, September 2nd, 2020 — Overhaul, an intelligence driven, real-time supply chain visibility and risk management technology provider, announced today its Affinity Partnership with Texas Trucking Association (TXTA). Overhaul’s software platform offers real-time visibility for supply chains with proactive, automated risk management. Additionally, the company is launching TruckShield, an app-based risk management solution for North American trucking.

TruckShield utilizes existing hardware and technology to protect professional drivers and freight. An easy to set up and use solution, TruckShield provides three key elements. LoadLock allows a stationary shipment to be locked in place, automatically alerting the driver if the truck moves. If theft is confirmed, TruckShield utilizes LE Connect, an extensive network of law enforcement and recovery partners, to get ahead of the stolen cargo and recover it successfully. Finally, Claims Buddy, a post-accident claims management tool, offers guidance and simple information gathering to aid the driver after an incident.

The trucking industry has been hit especially hard in recent years with high insurance premiums and nuclear verdicts, forcing many bankruptcy filings. This trend contrasts greatly with the overall need for more truckers and the strain of the COVID-19 pandemic on supply chains. TruckShield by Overhaul is a technology to help bridge the gap between driver safety, freight security, and insurance. The primary component of the new Affinity Partnership with TXTA entails Overhaul’s new TruckShield solution to help protect professional drivers and the freight they’re hauling.

“Overhaul is excited to partner with TXTA, as they work tirelessly to provide support for professional drivers,” states Barry Conlon, Overhaul’s CEO and founder. “We look forward to driving greater innovation in the trucking industry.”

Texas Trucking Association is a trade organization dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness of its members by advocating sound public policies, providing excellence in education, training, and information, and promoting a safe, dependable, and cost-effective motor transportation system to better serve the people of Texas.

“Overhaul is a leader in the field of technology that is helping the trucking industry become even more safe and effective,” said TXTA President and CEO John D. Esparza. “TXTA is proud to partner with such an innovative company that will allow us to provide these essential benefits to our member companies.”

Overhaul will offer TXTA members early access to TruckShield, before a general market launch in 2021. “With early access to TruckShield, TXTA members will be able to support their drivers, protect freight, and speed up insurance claims. This partnership is an important step in our innovative technology that reduces friction between the trucking industry and insurance providers,” says Overhaul’s Chief Risk Officer, Pat Stoik.


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