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Overhaul Achieves First Known Proactive High Value Load Recovery Through LE Connect

Austin, Texas – November 29, 2018 – Last year, Overhaul announced the launch of LE Connect, a patent-pending real-time method of connecting and sharing pertinent information on stolen freight with Law Enforcement and Cargo Theft Task Forces working an active recovery or in-progress incident. Since its release, Overhaul has actively engaged Cargo Task Forces from across the United States and today, announces the first known proactive recovery of a load through use of the program during the recent Thanksgiving holiday weekend. “Theft recoveries occurred previously as a result of a driver reporting a stolen load, potentially hours or days later.  Our system can proactively prompt for non-compliance events and detect common cargo theft strategies within minutes” says Barry Conlon, Overhaul CEO. He continues, “Law Enforcement are often operating without all of the information at their fingertips, making it harder to locate and identify a stolen load before it is too late. With Overhaul, officers can now receive live tracking data directly to their smart device, helping pin point the location of a stolen load and ensure a speedy recovery with minimal interruption to the customer’s supply chain.”

Holiday weekends are well known to be prime target days for cargo thieves.  Warehouse robberies, full load thefts, and pilferage events occur at higher rates during times of the year when logistics operations shut down. During this season, a spike in thefts can be expected. “Well organized cargo criminals and small-time thieves will tend to target unattended loads and unstaffed/unsecured warehouses or yards” remarks Ronald Greene, Overhaul Security Specialist. “A critical first step in mitigating risks is awareness” he concludes.

Overhaul’s supply chain integrity solution allows customers to take preventative actions and provide drivers with critical direction on compliance requirements, as well as, collect key data that will facilitate with an expedited recovery including photos of the tractor, trailer and seal, before the load departs from pick up. “All logistics operators, third parties, carriers, and drivers should be made aware of the heightened threat level and mitigation protocols. And if a load is stolen, LE Connect is the fastest method on the market to connect Law Enforcement with the right information. All details can be passed via a secure link, including current location of the freight” states Conlon

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