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Overhaul Aids in Last Mile Pharmaceutical Theft and Recovery

Location: Detroit, Michigan

At approximately 11:00 am EST on March 10, 2020, a last-mile delivery van was stolen while the driver was making a delivery at a pharmacy in Detroit, MI. The perpetrator was able to break into and hotwire the parked vehicle containing several totes of pharmaceuticals. Within moments of the theft, the driver reported it, and Overhaul’s LE Connect response process was activated.  Detroit police were provided with Overhaul’s LE Connect technology, giving responding officers the location and description of the vehicle. By approximately 11:25 am EST, Detroit Law Enforcement had custody of the vehicle containing the pharmaceutical products.

Companies are urged to establish security protocols with their drivers. An immediate escalation with a path to effective law enforcement engagement is critical.  It is also recommended for drivers to stay vigilant and leave their vehicles unattended for as little time as possible. Overhaul recommends that companies take advantage of security tracking services that can aid in the recovery of stolen cargo. Other methods can be driver screening to prevent ‘inside jobs’ and periodic operational audits to identify faults in shipping processes.

About LE Connect
Overhaul’s LE Connect technology provides critical shipment information directly to the responding law enforcement officers. The technology sends real-time tracking, pictures, and data directly to the officer’s smartphone streamlining communication and providing critical information directly in the hands of those who need it most.

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