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Let Overhaul provide you with the latest information affecting the throughput of cargo during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will strive to keep you updated on all further developments.

MONDAY, 4/06/20

United States:

  • Supply chain operations throughout the U.S. are operating, some at a reduced scale. There are no reported closings of freight-related businesses.
  • Most companies are reporting a high rate of minor disruptions and increased challenges to keep freight moving.
  • The demand for U.S. warehouse workers is spiking as wholesalers are working to keep up with high-demand products.
  • There have been ups and downs in truckload freight movements over the past several weeks. Many analysts are predicting a fall-off in truckload demand in the coming weeks.
  • More non-critical manufacturers in the U.S. are starting to shut down operations as a result of state and local mandates. Many have also cut salaries of management staff and started to furlough certain employees.
  • Freight crossing the U.S./Mexico and U.S./Canada border continues to flow without major delays.
  • All major truck stop companies are reporting that they are 100% open. Some locations are indicating a reduction in food service options, as they adhere to local requirements. All locations are providing food take-out options.
  • An increase in cargo theft rates is being reported, as criminal groups look to take advantage of disrupted operations.


  • Indian seaports are struggling to move freight as the shutdown and bottlenecks have caused severe disruptions.
  • Mexico is slowly implementing restrictions and guidance due to COVID-19.
  • There are increasing restrictions on some border crossings in Eastern Europe, as more countries implement health checks for drivers.
  • Global sea ports are implementing restrictions for ships that have recently visited countries with high rates of COVID-19.
  • While European freight transportation infrastructure is operational, moderate delays and disruptions in many countries (primarily at the last mile delivery points) are likely.
  • Airports are operating across Europe, but with reduced capacity due to manpower shortages.
  • European border crossings are open. Some are reporting delays as a result of driver health checks.
  • Some European countries have reduced the number of open border crossings.
  • China’s manufacturing and logistics operations are on the rebound and expected to be fully operational shortly.

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