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George Wheeler, Security Expert, Joins Overhaul as Fusion Hub Director

Recently Overhaul welcomed George Wheeler to the company where he now serves as Fusion Hub Director. George, a seasoned security expert, is now responsible for the development, continuous improvement, and delivery of customer service, as well as the strategic development of operational requirements, processes, and technology, to deliver key service outcomes for Overhaul customers.

George started his career with the U.S. Air Force and has been recognized as a leader within every organization of which he has been a member, including government, corporate, and private security organizations. His 30 years of experience in the security industry have been very diverse and have given him a perspective for security that adds value and offers solutions that can be executed to make an immediate impact on an organization.

Over the past  15 years, George has had a major focus on supply chain and logistics security. From physically escorting high-value shipments, setting up global electronic freight security programs that secured multi-national shipments, and setting up GSOC and intelligence centers, he has helped organizations secure billions of dollars in global trade and has led teams that have facilitated over 15 recoveries of stolen cargo.

He is also on the Board of Advisors for International Crisis Room 360 (ICR360) and on the Board of Directors for a local Community Co-Op. George is an author and international public speaker for security conferences and events. He has conducted multiple international crisis response training events and provided educational programs such as the Supply Chain Security Virtual Summit, Cargo Theft Awareness Video Series, the Active Shooter, Counter-Terrorism Response Virtual Summit, COVID-19 Webinar Series, and 2020 Civil Unrest Webinar Series.

Overhaul is excited to welcome George to the team where he will make a measured impact in ensuring proactive security and risk management for the company’s customers.

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