You're exclusively invited to join us for a unique and all-senses experience on February 2nd.

Mark Your Calendars

An Italian-American, artistic, and psychedelic dining experience featuring world-renowned culinary and cocktail supertalents.

Join us as we wrap up Manifest (and just before the “after-party with Nelly”).

When: Thursday, Feb 2nd 

Time: 5:30-8:30 p.m. PST

Where: The Cosmopolitan, 2nd floor. Just minutes from Manifest.

*Limited capacity. RSVP strongly encouraged.



Start the night off in the bright, bold, and otherworldly Departure Lounge. Don’t be surprised to see jugglers tossing illuminated balls atop furniture or an astronaut with a giant eye in place of a head. If someone approaches your table with a briefcase and an offer to “Upgrade your fork,” say yes.

Next, head to the Ski Lodge speakeasy. As with any secret spot, the unmarked Ski Lodge requires a sense of adventure (and a password) to find. Warm and woodsy with an intimate yet bumpin’ aprés-ski party vibe. The high altitude hideaway pairs the quality and service of a members-only cocktail club with low-key comfort and camaraderie.

You're exclusively invited to join us for a unique and all-senses experience on February 2nd.

Double The Fun

Bold or classic. Why not both!

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Join us at Vizion's workshop to discuss end-to-end supply chain visibility,
its implications and its potential to increase efficiency & reduce costs.

Tuesday, January 31st from 1:00 pm - 05:00 p.m. PST

The Value of LogTech Partnerships & Integrations
Presented by:

David Warrick, EVP of Enterprise at Overhaul Supply Chain Visibility Software

David Warrick

EVP, Enterprise, at Overhaul

Tyler Hughes

Co-Founder & CTO at Vizion

Frankie Mossman

Chief Customer Officer at Overhaul

Kyle Henderson

CEO at Vizion

Meet The Overhaul Team at Manifest

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“I'll be the guy in the Cubs hat.”
“Awarded Lizzo's #1 fan.”
“I'm Ashley and I'm a Disney-holic.”
Ashley Nuske
Director, Global Corporate Events
“My accent instantly makes me credible.”
“I'm proof that good things CAN come from Detroit.”
“Did you see Nelly's performing at Manifest?!”

Our Mission

Multi-modal visibility and risk management that injects realtime, corrective responses into your operations.

Overhaul simplifies the dynamic nature of the supply
chain system, delivering a less fragmented picture to help recognize when – and how – to take corrective action.

Track every shipment. View all assets. Mitigate risk.

Meet Vizion

Cargo owners and freight forwarders have traditionally tracked containers by calling carriers or visiting websites. At Vizion, we replace manual, error-prone approaches with an API that pushes accurate location updates and ETAs to your ERP, TMS or other system.

Our API normalizes data from multiple sources for fast, confident decision-making. And those sources are already connected, giving you instant-on capabilities. Our data is the most complete and reliable available, including EDI, AIS, port/terminal events, plus more. We refresh these sources multiple times daily to reduce latency to 6 hours or less.

Track a container now at

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