We’re changing everything for carriers with Overhaul’s management tools: from
lowering your operational costs, to opening the gate to higher load volumes.


Overhaul gives you the tools and resources to tackle today and grow your trucking
business tomorrow with a trusted network of brokers.

Lower Admin Burden

Better understand capacity with our efficiency tools that will allow you to plan ahead or cover a load for backhaul.

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Offer complete visibility on truck locations and shipment status without the need for complex system integrations. Drivers can download the app and go.

Smarter not harder

We’re making the contracting process easier and more efficient - bid, negotiate and e-sign contracts with our paperless system using your desktop or mobile device.

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Get features on our mobile app from route planning, to locating the nearest truck stop, weigh station and more.

Grow your business

Overhaul’s trusted technology is unique by design. We give you back office support tools to not only make business easier, but also smarter. That means increased efficiency, improved net take home pay and decreased deadhead. How? Glad you asked.

  • Manage your capacity to maximize utilization and avoid empty miles with Overhaul resource management tools
  • Build relationships with premium customers through our advanced security compliance system
  • Offer your customers real-time cargo visibility and a quality experience through a branded customer portal
  • Efficiently run your business with 360° dashboard reporting and OTP analysis
  • Streamline your business processes with Overhaul’s paperless system (bids, contracts, digital BoLs/PoDs)
  • Keep yourself safe and your customers feeling secure and in the loop by following built-in procedures via our app that updates them on current route, stops and more
Frequently asked questions

How much data will the Overhaul app use on my phone?

We’ve done some analysis, and the current application averages usage of ~12MB of data for a 24-hour shipment.  To put that in context, with a $40 AT&T prepaid plan, you could run 177 shipments, at a cost of $0.23 per shipment. This is roughly the equivalent of streaming audio on Pandora or Spotify for 15 minutes or browsing Facebook for 30-45 minutes. Optional navigation features can incur slightly higher data charges (similar to using any map/navigation apps), but these features are not essential to delivery.


What devices, platforms and languages is the Overhaul mobile app available for?

The Overhaul mobile app is available on both iOS, supported in iOS 8 and above, as well as Android devices supported on platform 5 and above. The app is downloadable from the Apple Store and Google Playstore. The Visibility tools on the Overhaul app are available in English and Spanish. For Spanish language assistance, please contact

When can I access Overhaul’s driver tools?

Sign up today to be the first to learn when our driver tools become available. Don’t forget, you can also earn higher ranking statuses and join our Recognition and Rewards Program by becoming an Overhaul-Verified driver for a one-time fee of $50. For any additional questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Support Team at

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