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Cargo thieves use a variety of techniques to get their hands on cargo. One technique that is becoming more widely used in the U.S. is that of jamming. With new technological advances comes greater risk of cyberattacks you should not only be aware of but also be prepared for to keep your cargo safe.

To know where cargo, tractors, trailers and drivers are at all times, GPS (Global Positioning System) and track and trace platforms are two must-have pieces of visibility technology. Because of the importance of monitoring and protecting cargo, chances are you’ve got at least one of these devices implemented in your operational strategy. It is, however, important to know telematics devices, though helpful, are not complete supply chain security solutions.

Even though jamming devices are illegal to market, sell or use in the United States and in many other countries, the threat is real and does exist. Jamming devices are readily available to buy on the internet and black market. Jammers, as defined by GPS.gov, are radio frequency transmitters that intentionally block, jam or interfere with lawful communications, such as cell phone calls, text messages, GPS systems and Wi-Fi networks. In the transportation industry, jamming disrupts GPS signals on telematics devices causing you to lose visibility of cargo while allowing thieves to run away with it leaving you with nothing but a dropped signal – and a big loss!

Jamming has escalated as a cargo theft tactic in recent years so much that U.S. Customs and Border Protection issued an alert in October 2014 stating “When a tracking device “goes dark”, it could be an indication of theft, contraband introduction, or other illicit activity affecting the goods carried inside a container or trailer.”

So, what do you do to prevent or respond to dropped signals on your telematics devices? Be sure to have a multi-layer security solution; one that includes:

• Active monitoring of all GPS tracking devices
• Immediate detection of dropped signals
• Visibility to where dropped signals occur
• Real-time alerts to notify all those working the shipment of the detected drops
• A response/communication plan for drivers, dispatch, law enforcement, etc.

The patent pending Overhaul platform eliminates jamming altogether in one ultimate cargo security package providing you with the multi-layers of security you need to keep your cargo safe. Have questions about our platform and how it can enhance your security strategy? Contact us today to get the details.


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Our product has a patent pending system in place to eliminate jamming. Have questions about it? Contact us.

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