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Supply and Demand of our Mental Health: Navigating the Logistics of Our Own Wellness

At Overhaul, we believe that the language we use is very important because we want our words to clearly reflect the power of our solutions, that we are so passionate about sharing with people. In simplest and most concise terms we talk a lot about the unique value and impact of our real-time, proactive, and corrective action solutions to mitigate risks and facilitate safety, integrity, and security of precious goods. As we recognize World Mental Health Day and its 2019 focus of suicide prevention, it is a bit astonishing to me how these words clearly transfer to meaning around the safety, integrity, and security of our own mental health care and wellness.

Real Time – I recently heard a woman cleverly point out that instead of being reactive to stress by taking a “Time Out”, she consciously takes a daily “Time In.” The implication is that if you are at the point that you need to take a “Time Out”, you are already in the Redzone. Consistently taking a daily “Time In” to mindfully check in with yourself about how you’re doing, where you’re holding stress in your body, and practicing real-time self-care are essential to mitigating risk events to wellness. Our minds, bodies, and spirits are all incredibly precious cargo and are worth the diligent monitoring.

Proactive – The many logistical aspects of life require a significant amount of planning, but do we proactively plan our own standards of self-care? Do we have an insurance plan if our mental well-being becomes compromised? Research indicates that planning as little as one minute of focused mindful breathing a day can positively impact mental health. Imagine what ten minutes a day could do. Yet, mental health neglect is on the rise in every country in the world and it is estimated that mental illness will cost the world $16 trillion USD by 2030. What would happen if we focused on establishing end-to-end visibility and pro-active solutions into and around our own mental health?

Corrective Actions – It is inevitable that every person will experience route deviations on life’s haul. What are the smart tools and protocols that can help you navigate detours successfully? Who are your dispatchers to guide you and help you navigate new routes? Recently, at one of our Customer Success sessions, I found that we were consistently discussing the theme of the crucially valid importance of truly knowing our customers. I felt compelled to point out that Customer Success is also as importantly interlaced with knowing ourselves and knowing when to ask for help from team members. I expressed that each of us possesses our own unique strengths and “growing edges”, and not a single individual can be all and know all to foster a truly holistic successful journey. I encouraged our team to be reflective and present in their journey and implored them to be uniquely courageous and vulnerable in seeking support from team members. Then, I intentionally and authentically disclosed a scenario where I felt vulnerable and asked for help from a trusted teammate. I explained that courage and vulnerability are essential because they are the origin points of asking for help when we’re afraid to but need to and they are the first companions in not “going it alone” on the road when something incredibly valuable needs to be delivered with great care.

Know that you’re not alone on any “road”- 24/7, free, confidential help is always available: National Suicide Prevention Hotline- 1-800-273-8255

Author: Amy Campbell, PhD | Chief Talent Officer

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