Overhaul’s Response to COVID-19

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Overhaul’s Response to Global COVID-19

Despite the uncertainty facing supply chains and the world in general, Overhaul is unwaveringly committed to maintaining your business continuity by providing real-time supply chain insights for proactive security, quality, and compliance.

What are we doing to ensure our operations remain unaffected?

Fortunately, all of our employees remain healthy. However, we are still taking all appropriate precautionary measures and complying with all official regulations. This includes having most team members work remotely with routinely sanitized, safe-distancing workstations set up for our Global Security Operation Center officers and fulfillment team.

What are we doing to protect our customers?

All devices coming into and out of the Overhaul fulfillment center are sanitized, and protective gear is being used while handling and packing shipments. In addition, we are actively assessing customer device volume needs and deploying ahead of time for contracted customers.

Minimizing Risk and Disruption with Overhaul

Although these are difficult circumstances for everyone and every business since its start, Overhaul has been helping companies manage risk and disruption. Despite the global pandemic, this has not changed. Our own business practices are unaffected in continuing to provide proactive solutions for our existing clients and new customers.

Please contact our team if you have any questions or would like to know more about how our solution is benefiting shippers and logistic service providers by proactively managing risk and giving critical insight into the operational flow of shipments.

Current COVID-19 Resources

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