August 28, 2017

Austin, Texas – August 28, 2017 – The latest development from Overhaul, an Austin-based tech startup, brings together available monitoring and management technologies like GPS, temperature controls, fleet telematics and more into a single unified view, connecting the dots like never before. “There is a significant amount of fragmented location and performance data that takes excessive manual time to compile and assess in order to successfully manage shipments and monitor compliance,” says Barry Conlon, CEO. “To compete in today’s market, supply chains must be agile and quick and have this data readily available.”


Overhaul’s patent-pending platform allows detection and prevention of non-compliance in real-time catching supply chain issues before they become problems. Thus, helping customers be proactive vs reactive. Through macro level dashboards and OTP metrics, Overhaul customers now have a high-quality approach to vendor management, which directly results in a higher level of service at a lower cost. At the same time, the Overhaul platform deploys corrective actions and alerts immediately to those managing shipments, including directly to the driver via their mobile application. “Our solution is the first of its kind to enable logistics and security professionals to focus on the areas that need attention most using a single platform,” says Conlon.

As a flexible system, Overhaul’s solution is completely configurable to mold to each customer’s unique Standard of Care (SOC) with the ability to build custom compliance and communication guidelines. “We’ve designed our system to meet the needs of high value and time sensitive shippers with safety, security and trust as key components – components that will always remain at Overhaul’s core,” Conlon adds.

Overhaul’s system is designed to significantly enhance quality assurance, ensure secure handling of cargo as well as promote operational efficiency, all with cost savings unavailable in the transportation industry today. To take real-time visibility, shipment management and risk monitoring to the next level, visit www.over-haul.com today.

About Overhaul

Launched in 2016, Austin-based tech startup Overhaul provides premium shippers unique visibility and full confidence their cargo is in reliable hands, while giving brokerage and 3PLs the right tools to guarantee safe, on-time delivery and grow their business. Find out how Overhaul is building trust, ensuring premium load safety, driving costs down and removing roadblocks from within the transportation industry at www.over-haul.com.

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