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Managing Supply Chain Disruptions with Overhaul

You and your company have dealt with everything from severe weather, terrorism, political unrest, war, and trade restrictions influencing “business as usual.” Although theoretically, we understood what a major pandemic scenario might entail, the reality is harsher than any of us could have imagined. 

So neither you, and likely none of your colleagues, were ready for exactly what the COVID-19 situation would mean for the global supply chain community. While it’s still hard to grasp the scope of what’s happening in the world today and all of the implications, there are some supply chains that were set up to better manage and mitigate disruptions.

The supply chains that are staying as undisturbed as possible are the ones that had contingency plans in place and already took proactive measures to mitigate “everyday” risks. 

How Overhaul Helps Maintain Supply Chain Visibility During COVID-19

Overhaul supports some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical, technology, and food supply chains. The pandemic has only further highlighted that these verticals are absolutely vital. In addition to providing real-time command and control for existing customers, we’re also supporting additional supply chains with access to our risk management platform at no cost.

How Overhaul Helps You Manage Your Supply Chain

The Overhaul platform is a comprehensive supply chain visibility solution that helps enterprises foresee and avoid “everyday” risks, as well as maintain control when even larger-scale disruptions occur. Its ability to provide real-time data in a single unified view with preventative insights is what enables true visibility. It transforms the platform into a complete command and control center.

Supply Chain Visibility Command & Control Center

Real-time visibility goes beyond knowing where your freight is at any point. It’s about knowing what’s going on situationally that makes corrective action and risk avoidance possible. Although many enterprises have visibility solutions, data and information are dispersed, making it virtually impossible to receive real-time insights in time to act upon them.

Sentinel, Overhaul’s visibility platform, changes all of that and allows Security Operations Center users to have command and control over real-time supply chain logistics.

Pertinent Data Overlays

A core feature of Sentinel is its real-time data overlays. These views provide context for logistics operations, providing visibility into potential disruptions. Current overlays include:

  • Points of interest
    • Cold storage facilities
    • Weigh stations
    • Truck stops
  • Extreme weather
  • Traffic
  • Transportation disruptions
  • Border closures
  • COVID-19 infection rates

The recently added transportation disruption, border closure, and COVID-19 infection rate overlays are providing users with further insight into how to avoid risks during the current pandemic. However, all of the overlays work together to provide context into supply chain logistics decisions and contingency planning.

Corrective Action Abilities

Another unique functionality of the Overhaul visibility platform includes the ability to instantly trigger corrective actions. The AI rules engine assigns specific risk levels based on real-time scenarios and your Standard Operating Procedures. In each instance, a set procedure is followed to immediately act upon what’s happening. Staying in compliance with your standards of care increases security and quality to minimize risk.

Enhanced Freight Security

When data from IoT devices are combined with the Overhaul mobile app for drivers, an even higher level of security and compliance is possible.

When freight is stationary, it’s at an increased risk for theft. If a driver stops for a rest break, he or she can alert the operations center immediately and the freight can be safeguarded.

With Overhaul, Loadlock can be switched on to protect the shipment. If any device was to report movement during this time, an instant alarm would be triggered and deploy law enforcement intervention.

Law Enforcement Connection

With the platform, users have direct access to an extensive law enforcement network. LE Connect, or Law Enforcement Connection, is a unique capability of the platform which allows a secure tracking link to be shared with law enforcement officers to intervene in the event of cargo theft.

Unfortunately, large disruption events like the current coronavirus pandemic cause increased amounts of fear, as well as opportunism. This correlates with theft events, especially of essential cargo. Having LE Connect to aid in the retrieval of cargo immediately offers an added layer of protection, as well as peace of mind.

Benefits of Using Overhaul’s Platform

Customers using the Overhaul platform know that their supply chains are better protected every day, even when major disruptions occur.

  • Day-to-Day Short-Term Benefits

    On a daily basis, businesses are provided with true real-time supply chain risk management and the ability to take immediate corrective actions. The quality, compliance, and security of their shipments are maintained, which helps boost the bottom line, lower insurance premiums, and enhance customer satisfaction ratings.

  • Medium-Term Benefits

    When provided with insights from the Overhaul platform, optimizing operational efficiencies is possible.  

  • Long-Term Benefits

    The long-term benefits of using Overhaul’s platform include the ability to shift strategies and cut costs. For example, the single unified view increases the capacity of individuals monitoring logistics operations, reducing overhead. Additionally, insurance premiums can be significantly reduced thanks to the additional security of features such as Loadlock and LE Connect that only Overhaul’s solution offers.

  • Crisis Event Benefits

    Overhaul’s platform is built to help you manage supply chain disruptions. That doesn’t change in the event of a crisis. When a crisis strikes, your cargo will still have the best protection possible while providing you with deeper insight and context into the flow of operations.

Managing Supply Chain Disruptions is in Our DNA

Managing disruptions to your supply chain is what we do. Our platform and its unique features help global enterprises daily with mitigating “everyday” risks, as well as with handling disruption events on an even larger scale. Risk management with true command and control of your supply chain’s visibility, security, and quality is possible with Overhaul.

You can access our platform at no cost during the COVID-19 pandemic or schedule a consultation to learn more.

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