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Employee Spotlight: Lindsay Cardoso

Overhaul has launched an Employee Spotlight series aimed at highlighting our diverse and experienced team members. Offering excellence in supply chain, logistics and transportation through technology and an unprecedented vision for the future of real-time supply chain integrity, the team’s combined skillsets create a formidable group.

Our first Employee Spotlight features #femaleleader Lindsay Cardoso, Director of Sales.

The supply chain, transportation and logistics industries have traditionally been dominated by men. Within supply chain, 70-80% of employees are men, and 95% of top-level supply chain positions in Fortune 500 companies are held by men. However, as technology increases and supply chains change shape, we are seeing a rise in women taking on senior positions. This diversification will see the benefits of a more equal workforce.

At Overhaul, 50% of the Senior Management Team are women.

Lindsay Cardoso leads the Growth Team at Overhaul. She is focused on accelerating sales and delivering unparalleled customer experience. Before joining Overhaul, Lindsay led a national account management program for a top third-party logistics company, where she was responsible for driving growth and retention. She was integral to building out the customer experience journey that revamped the organization’s approach to delivering world-class customer service. Lindsay has over a decade of experience in logistics and sales, having met with hundreds of CEOs across the United States to consult on supply chain and cost management strategies throughout her career. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of South Florida.

What interested you in a career in Supply Chain, Logistics / Transportation?

Being a curious person by nature, I have always been fascinated by where the “products” in our lives come from. I often find myself holding a product and imagining its complex journey to my hands – it is astonishing! Supply chain makes the world go around. Not one consumer is untouched by the sophistication of global supply chain today. It requires complex manufacturing processes, communities, and people globally to collaborate to provide the bits and actions that deliver the products we need and love. My interest in the industry formally began with my first job out of college, which allowed me to consult and sell shipping services to small and medium-sized businesses (SMB). This wasn’t an overly glamorous job, often going door-to-door and walking (in heels, mind you) through warehouses. That said, it was priceless to learn the industry through business owners’ viewpoints and personally see the processes that go into supplier relationships, manufacturing, inventory, and fulfillment. I quickly became passionate about educating these businesses on the complexities of the supply chain. Often this wasn’t simply about finding a more competitive rate or better transportation provider, but about finding the efficiencies that yielded a more productive time in their day-to-day.

What challenges have you experienced, and how did you overcome them?

I am a big believer that often your biggest obstacle in achieving success is yourself. I’ve maintained this belief in the face of challenges that may be rooted in matters of gender inequality. Fueling my fortitude is the idea of forging a path for myself and other women to follow in the future. Women have been a very small percentage of the overall supply chain workforce, representing only ~37% overall – and an even smaller C-Suite representation, at only roughly ~17% in 2017. I have had to overcome the challenge of finding my voice in a male-dominated space, mustering up the courage and confidence to address important issues. Being able to ask your male executives why diversity is lacking and why there are large gender pay gaps takes courage – in an unhealthy culture, it can make you vulnerable and lead to isolation. However, these uncomfortable questions are vital to eliminating these challenges for future employees. The only way to increase these numbers is to attract more engaged, intelligent, and determined women!

How is technology impacting the industry?

There isn’t an area of our industry that isn’t being impacted by technological advancement. It is no secret that the logistics industry is overdue for innovation. We are seeing evolutionary strides every day, whether it be robots in warehouses, track-and trace-serialization, blockchain, or artificial intelligence. It is truly an exciting time to be in the industry. These advancements are not only improving and expediting our global supply chains, but they are also improving access to medications, therapeutics, and other resources that improve people’s lives. Have you had to overcome any obstacles to achieve your leadership position? I’m so grateful to be part of a company that supports women in leadership. That said, I have certainly had to overcome obstacles on my path here. Not only is supply chain a male-dominated industry, but this is amplified by the gender gap found generally across traditional sales organizations. Too often, one gets comfortable where they are – even after realizing that they have bumped up against the all-too-familiar “glass ceiling.” Frankly, having confidence in myself and the faith that progressive organizations can exist was the largest obstacle I had to overcome to achieve my current leadership position. Now, having found a company that feels like home and welcomes the tough questions, I know it was worth the resolve. Logistics is still considered to be a male-dominated sector.

How are female leaders changing that perspective?

Female leaders are changing this perspective by forcing the uncomfortable conversations and highlighting the immense amount of value females bring to their companies. Often, it takes a female leader willing to force the engagement and interactions with the “boys club” within their professional circles. Women can continue to change this perspective one mind at a time, through educating their family, friends, colleagues, and employees on the value of driving diversity on all fronts – not only gender.

What advice would you give to someone starting in their career?

Be insatiably curious, not only as it relates to your field but in all areas of life. Recognize that skills are developed through demanding work, perseverance, and failure. Accept your failures as opportunities for growth and recognize that no-one, especially individuals considered the greatest in their fields, has gotten there without failing along the way. Be coachable and learn from everyone you encounter – there is always a lesson to be learned. Lastly, I’d say incessantly strive towards objective self-awareness and self-improvement.

What are the qualities required for a female leader?

I don’t believe there are specific requirements for female leaders. In my mind, a great leader – regardless of gender – has key attributes. Some of the vital attributes include demonstrating empathy, accountability, and effective communication that inspires individuals’ passions, integrity, and best work.

What has been a career highlight for you so far?

The most fulfilling part of my career is the privilege of developing willing and able employees along their career path. Watching talented individuals – that you have had the joy to mentor and lead – blossom into talented professionals is one of the most rewarding experiences, I have enjoyed thus far!

Fun Facts about Lindsay:

  • She was an award-winning Girl Scout Cookie seller
  • She has a weird obsession with marine mammals and wanted to be a marine biologist growing up
  • Her favorite travel experience: helicoptering out of Milford Sound in New Zealand
  • She would love to meet Lionel Richie (some of the greatest songs ever made)
  • She was married in Santorini, Greece after googling some images and falling in love
  • She nicknamed her dogs, nugget and noodle (funny enough, their bodies illustrate these foods perfectly)


Look out for our next Employee Spotlight feature on Dr. Amy Campbell, Overhaul’s Chief Talent Officer.

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