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Employee Spotlight: Amy Campbell

Overhaul’s Employee Spotlight series is aimed at highlighting our diverse and experienced team members. Offering excellence in supply chain, logistics and transportation – through technology and an unprecedented vision for the future of real-time supply chain integrity – the team’s combined skillsets create a formidable group.

Featured in this Employee Spotlight is #femaleleader Amy Campbell, Chief Talent Officer

The supply chain, transportation and logistics industries have traditionally been dominated by men. Within supply chain, 70-80% of employees are men, and 95% of top-level supply chain positions in Fortune 500 companies are held by men. However, as technology increases and supply chains change shape, we are seeing a rise in women taking on senior positions. This diversification will see the benefits of a more equal workforce.

At Overhaul, 50% of the Senior Management Team are women.

Amy leads the People Operations at Overhaul as the Chief Talent Officer.  She is passionate about Organizational Psychology, Human and Organizational Development, and Wellness in the Workplace. She holds a PhD in Clinical Supervision and Psychology. Prior to Overhaul, she served in administrative roles in schools where she led and developed counseling programs. She also formerly served in various teaching and training roles and now leads employee acquisition, training, and development initiatives at Overhaul. She has held various roles in the company, including Customer Experience Manager and Vice President of Operations since she joined Overhaul at its inception in 2016.

What interested you in a career in Supply Chain?

The quality of our lives would be very different without the access to medicines, foods, household goods, etc brought to us all by the hard-working people in supply chain.  I love having the ability to work in a dynamic industry space where you can provide solutions that produce tangible improvements of great value to so many people.

What challenges have you (also as a woman) experienced, and how did you overcome them?

Research indicates that women typically approach critical decision making uniquely and I’m also a woman whose voice is firmly rooted in always considering the psychology of people first.  This means that typically my perspective on how to approach many business decisions has an atypical foundation and angle.  I’ve had to be diligent about trusting and using my own voice and refining my word choices to clearly articulate my vision in an impactful way.

How is technology impacting the industry? 

Technology is completely revolutionizing the industry and there is still so much opportunity to harness technology solutions to optimize greater efficiencies, security, and product integrity.

Have you had to overcome any obstacles to achieve your leadership position?

I’m grateful to be part of a company that supports women in leadership. Despite that, socialized gender norms for women and men are a reality.  Thus, I have had to check and dispute my own internalized norms around what a female leader “should” look like versus who I authentically (and more effectively!) am as a female leader.

Logistics is still considered to be a male-dominated sector. How are female leaders changing that perspective?

Anytime you incorporate diversity into the workplace, you win. I am reading more and more about women who are entering the sector and making powerful impacts to the sector’s culture, bottom lines, and are removing historic barriers in the industry.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in their career? 

I think my career journey is just that: a journey.  I believe on any meaningful journey you will encounter victories, hard lessons, times of more questions than answers, people who challenge and support you (both are important!), times of discomfort, times of joy, and some complete surprises. Be uniquely vulnerable, take some risks, be open to growth, and trust in the journey.

What are the qualities required for a female leader? 

I don’t think that there are specific qualities required to be a female leader.  However; despite what norms may tell us, I do think that vulnerability and empathy are two meaningful things to bring to the table as a female leader. They bring a level of authenticity to the workplace that is rare, but incredibly powerful.  They can spark some of the most important business and workplace conversations for both men and women.

What changes need to be made within the industry to encourage more women?

I think that conscious and unconscious bias in the industry needs to be continually addressed. Ultimately, this requires education, as well as, a commitment to both men and women in the industry to explore and acknowledge bias and then commit to making conscious changes.

What has been a career highlight for you, so far?

We’ve had customers tell us that we “gave (them) their lives back.”  Another time that stands out is a speech that our first major customer shared about us being “one team.”  Both were pretty special moments.

Fun Facts about Amy:

  • Passionate about elephant rescue and is a “Foster Mom” to two rescued elephants, Quanza and Imenti, who live at an orphanage in Africa.
  • Loves biking and is an avid cyclist and has gone to France to follow the Tour de France on her bike three times. She has ridden over 60,000 miles across the globe in the last six years.
  • A covert herbalist and has an herbal remedy for almost every ailment out there.
  • Loves to read and write and is so enamored by books that she has a hard time reading just one book at a time.
  • Born with an extra backbone, which occurs in less than 10% of the population.  She playfully jokes that it makes her more persistent.
  • She loves tacos. She typically eats at least one a day.

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