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Cold Chain Council 2019 – Chicago, IL

This year’s Cold Chain Council saw a collection of varied perspectives and diverse strategies on how healthcare, pharmaceutical, and chemical companies can embrace and benefit from technology. A key advantage of the event was its size and intimate setting, enabling open discussion. As a result, the interaction between the speakers and audience was engaging, developing outside of prepared slideshows into a session of learning, real-world examples, and fresh perspectives. During the presentations, the major concept explored was the conceptualization and implementation of various visibility and compliance technologies by shippers.  There was an acknowledgment that as an industry we are far behind other sectors in leveraging technology and digitalization.

David Ulrich from AbbVie gave oversight to the vital role of compliance, effective use of a Quality Management System (QMS), and the digitalization journey AbbVie are on with merging technology and compliance. This presentation also highlighted the reality that U.S. manufacturers, shippers and service providers should adopt best practices. This included the EU Good Distribution Practice, Falsified Medicines Directive, Medical Device Regulations, and the Drug Quality Security Act to offer Global levels of compliance.  There will be increasing demands by shippers to work with service providers who offer solutions to meet the needs of regulatory compliance – state of the art logistics will not be a differentiator, it will be a qualifier. Digital transformation will be vital to developing supply chains that offer product integrity and product security.  It was evident that Overhaul’s supply chain integrity platform meets the needs of the industry by offering critical insights and real-time corrective actions. And as we are device agnostic (we integrate with any device or data stream), it was also a great opportunity for us to meet with hardware companies, offering temperature/GPS devices, and 3PLs with whom we support by giving critical insights for corrective actions.

There was also a great presentation by Georgios Ampartizidis from World Federations of Haemophilia, outlining the additional compliance and logistical challenges faced when distributing time and temperature-sensitive Haemophilia drugs to less-developed countries.

The Cold Chain Council provided real ROI as the educational content was condensed into a one-day event which offered the participants the opportunity to focus and be involved.

Overhaul’s Amy Shortman moderated the event and panel discussions, which were lively and informative. The value of taking a day out of the office to gain perspective meant that I saw how Overhaul stands to provide a guiding hand to the industry on transparent, secure, and efficient goods transportation and to support our clients through their journey of digital transformation.

Author: Conor Conlon | Key Account Manager at Overhaul

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