Driven by trust

We consider ourselves a partner to all transportation service providers.
But to be a true partner requires trust—trust that we have our customers’ best interests at heart.

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An overview of Overhaul

Whether you’re shipping or driving, whether you’re accessing Overhaul from a desktop or mobile device, our process, products, services and support are game-changing. From the way you connect with your customers and partners, to the way contracts are signed, to the breadth of tracking / security measures and more, you’ll find Overhaul is anything but typical. Because we’re built on trust. Which means we’re committed to improving our customer’s operations through our technology and simplifying day-to-day operations from all sides.


When it comes to moving premium or time-sensitive cargo and providing software to streamline your operations, there’s something missing from other technology solutions. Trust and experience. No one has the knowledge and depth of experience we do to provide security and efficiency solutions to the long haul trucking industry.

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Industry leaders are our leaders
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Barry Conlon Co-founder, CEO

I’ve been a part of the supply chain security sector for more than thirty years. In fact, I was one of the originators of the global, modern-day supply chain security industry.

I pride myself on being a forward-thinker that’s always searching for new and better ways to do things. I believe my military background, with extensive Tier-1 Special Operations experience, has much to do with that. It certainly had something to do with how I reorganized and grew the risk management firm, FreightWatch, into a global leader of innovative supply chain security solutions. Then, as CEO, I led the sale of it to a Fortune 50 company.

Now, it’s time to undertake the next phase of my journey. And I’m proud to say that’s the creation and operation of Overhaul.

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Robert Clarke Co-founder

As an international supply chain business owner, I’ve been providing logistics solutions to Fortune 500 companies for more than fifteen years. And as a shipper of high-value, time-sensitive cargo for that many years, it has never ceased to amaze me what a simple recognition and thanks can do to the commitment of a trucker to make it happen right.

The logistics industry has so many opportunities to fail, unless you consider the strongest link: ultimately that’s the man or woman that has your cargo in his or her care.

Owner Operators are the backbone of the economy in North America, and I think it’s time to give credit, recognition and reward to this group of men and women.

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